Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where is this Leading?

As I was driving the other day, I saw a house on the corner of an intersection.

 Nothing really unusual about the house, except it was older and not in great shape. What I focused on were steps, on the side of the house. They lead down to the sidewalk.

It was obvious that these steps were not used for a very long time, as between the wood steps, grew wild greenery, that was pretty tall.

I am not sure why this happens to me but when I see old or abandoned buildings, I feel a deep sadness inside. Is it because I perceive that these places were alive with activity at one time and now are subject to neglect and ruin? Have the people who occupied these places been pushed aside ,as no longer useful and of little value?

I did wonder about the family who lived there. Was it an older person's house? Was it owned by someone who could not afford to repair the house? And why weren't those stairs of use anymore?
As far as I could surmise, they lead to a sidewalk and people just don't walk as they did in the past .
I wondered, at one time ,  did kids bound down these stairs to walk to school?

So driving by this property, made me think... progress is great and necessary but it doesn't stop me from missing a simpler time and the proverbial " good ole' days"

Egad!...I am talking just like my parents used to talk. 

Except now,  I understand what they meant,

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